Abbott ARCHITECT C16000 Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer




Abbott ARCHITECT C16000 Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer
Description :
The ARCHITECT c16000 makes a seamless transfer to the other ARCHITECT systems and when joined with the ARCHITECT i2000SR combines clinical chemistry and immunoassay in one unit. The various ARCHITECT units have the same technology, reagents and assay protocols. Each uses the same software that is intuitive and easy to learn. Each unit has a universal sample carrier. Several technologies make the ARCHITECT systems one of the best available. SmartWash means less than 0.1 ppm get left in the sample tubes and a robotic sample hander processes urgent tests quickly. The systems are capable of storing up to 65 refrigerated reagent positions, has a 215 sample load capacity with 35 priority modes and can test up to 1800 samples per hour.


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