Abbott ARCHITECT I1000SR Automatic Immunoassay Analyzer




Abbott ARCHITECT I1000SR Automatic Immunoassay Analyzer
Description :
The ARCHITECT i1000SR is one of many newer instruments in the ARCHITECT family. It shares all the benefits proved by other family members. It’s designed for lower and mid volume laboratories. Also used for integrating with the chemistry analyzer (c4000), the ARCHITECT i1000SR provides labs with the agility needed to find freedom from the issues that crop up in everyday workload. It will boost the productivity of the labs with innovation.
It provides streamlined workload management by allowing continuous access to samples, reagents and supplies. It has a capacity of 65 sample load and 25 positions of refrigerated reagent. The reagents remain stable up to thirty days on board, when tracked in hours. The testing is easily handled and there are fewer pauses in the workload. Due to its intuitive ARCHITECT software, it is simple, easy-to-use and requires low maintenance (10 minutes per day).


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