Abbott PRISM Automated Immunoassay Analyzer




Abbott PRISM Automated Immunoassay Analyzer
Description :
A product of the Abbott diagnostics that is automated and used as an immunoassay analyzer is Abbott Prism.It is used in the performance of Chemiluminescent immunoassay and is also used to continuously access as well as STAT the process of various large/small molecular specimens and analyze the weights.A notably higher throughput is observed in the output.Being fully automated, safety is provided by the use of high volume instruments for screening blood.Before injecting a donor blood into a blood supply, various tests are conducted to determine any evidence of viruses or pathogens found in the donor blood.The screening done by this instrument is a culmination of various processes including the use of many testing instruments as well as some notable manual steps that are mandatory.As so many steps are combined in one system, the total workload decreases and better accuracy and efficiency is also obtained.The manual process is automated as well thus leading to fewer errors and instrument tampering.


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